Soldering and cleaning equipment for electronics manufacturing industry
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Asscon VP 510

Solder high quality assemblies defect-free

Asscon VP1000

Process product with frequently changing assemblies

Asscon VP2000

The innovative inline soldering system for mass producers

Asscon VP310

Solder high quality assemblies defect-free

Asscon VP6000 Vacuum

Combines the average of the vapor-phase with the vaccum process

Asscon VP7000 Vacuum

Highest soldering quality at mass-production

Asscon VP800

Developed especially for serial production and prototyping

Asscon VP800 Vacuum

State-of-the-art vapor-phase reflow soldering system

EPM CIG high-speed SIG

High throughput speeds throughout the entire soldering process

EPM Compact SIG

For Productions with a Medium to High Throughput

EPM Economy SIG

Your smaller production can use a high-quality systems

EPM Premium SIG

The solution for customers with a medium production volume

Essemtec Cubus

Lean Storage Solution

Essemtec Fox

Modular Pick-and-Place

Essemtec Puma

Strong Pick-and-Place

Essemtec Spider

High Speed Jet Dispenser