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Vanstron Vacuum Bare Board Loader

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The Bare Board Loader is used for automatically loading unpopulated boards at the beginning, or in the middle of a PCB assembly line. The bare boards are lifted one by one from the stack by vacuum and are gently lowered onto the belt segment, ready for the downstream machine.

Touch screen (OP panel) +Controlled by Mitsubishi PLC
Bare boards loader mode & By-pass mode selectable
Complete top safety visual window with interlock for CE standards
Adjustable vacuum stubs positions provide a better way to hold the PCB’s
Automatically positioning the shuttle distance and accurate release the PCB
on the conveyor rail.
Sucking stability improved by using robust vacuum generator system.
Width adjusting system by hand crank. Electrical width adjustment available
on request.
PCB production throughout counter available
International SMEMA interface
Self diagnostic Error Code display
Direction from left to right, or right to left (optional).
CE certificates supported
PCB width: 50 – 460mm
PCB length: 80 – 500mm
Max PCBs Capacity – 400 pcs (0.6mm thickness)
PCB Time Feed – Approx. 10 seconds 

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