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Vanstron Push Up Stacker

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Our push-up stackers are designed to move individual bare PCBs from the production line through an integral flat-belt-type conveyor and place them into a stack (up to 400pcs max). This machine can accommodate boards from 0.6 mm to 2.5 mm thick and includes automatic stack height sensing. A pass-through function allows other equipment, such as a magazine unloader, to be installed at the exit for double-sided board storage.

This unit is used for restacking of bare PCBs from the production line.

Sturdy and stable design.
Smooth and parallel width adjustment.
2 Modes: De-stacker mode and Pass through mode.
PLC Control.
Titanium alloy blade is not easy to deform.
With buzzer and light tower.
SMEMA compatible.
Smooth and parallel width adjustment by leadscrew
Small machine footprint
Touch screen operation ( optional)
Dual cylinder ( Optional)
PCB boards counter ( Optional)

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