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PBT Uniclean XL

Effective and High Capacity PCBA Cleaning

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Cleaning Application :
Water – based process.
Semi -aqua process.
Compatible with wide range of cleaning chemistry.
Cleaning of complex PCBA with low standoff components BGA,CSP,QFN,smnall chips.
Cleaning of any kind of solder residues,even hardly soluble.
Cleaning before wire bonding.
Cleaning active components before packaging.
Fine cleaning of mechanical parts

Check the Spec

– Combination of different agitation processes.
– Cleaning capacity comparable with in-line mesh belt systems.
– Configuration according to process and capacity needs.
– Up to 6 chambers of various combinations of Wash,Rinse,Dry.
– 5-axis robotic transfer for baskets and chamber lids.
– Input/Output conveyor buffers.
– Low consumption of energy and liquids
– Designed especially for electronic applications.
– Zero drain system.
– Small footprint.

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