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PBT Compaclean

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Cleaning Application:
Defluxing of good or moderately solder residues.
Removing contamination from handling and board manufacturing.
Removing FOD.
Second side misprints on complex assemblies.
Cleaning soldering pallets.
Cleaning before conformal coating.
Fine degreasing of mechanical parts

Check the Spec

– SINGLE or DOUBLE capacity racks.
– High volume batch size.
– Closed loop zero drain system
– Uniform spray coverage with high stroke oscillating rack.
– Fixed nozzle system.
– Powerful hot air dryer.
– Cascade filtration.
– Compatible with a wide range of chemistry.
– Small footprint.
– 100% closed loop filtration.
– Double rinse option.
– Glass door panel for visual control.
– Wide range of standard and customized PCBA fixtures.
– Up to 3 fully separated liquid loops.
– Outstanding options of water utilization.
– Touchscreen interface with Windows OS.
– Simple programming.
– Complete data logging and optional bar code traceability.
– Week program with automatic start.
– Multi language selection.
– AAD Automatic adaptive dosing of cleaning agent.
– Concentration sensor ZESTRON® EYE or KYZEN ANALYST™.

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