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Intertec EMLS 3235

The production soldering system that grows with your requirements.

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The EMLS 3235 is the most powerful soldering system in the product family of our selective soldering systems. To increase machine capacity, additional fluxer, preheating and soldering modules can be adapted. The product changeover time of <5 minutes guarantees quick conversion to a new product. The innovative quick tool change concept with a tool retrofit vehicle makes product changes quick and safe.

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– Reproducible exact solder volume.
– Drastic reduction of solder balls.
– Optimized design for the assembly’s heat requirements.
– Free spaces of up to 2 mm due to the static process.
– Straighten the circuit board by clamping it during the soldering process.
– Consistent soldering results without corrections pollution.
– Nitrogen gas supply for the highest soldering quality.
– Cycle time independent of the number of solder points.
– Powerful preheating can be combined with convection module,IR module and quartz heating. Pyrometer optional.

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