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Inertec Cube Inline

The intelligent modular system, flexible for every kind of customer requirements.

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The best possible construction of all components of the system ensures a maintenance-friendly accessibility.

Versatile system expansions are possible:

Whether the CUBE Inline+ is used as a base system or with one of the many options, with the CUBE Inline+ you are prepared for all challenges. The INERTEC CUBE Inline+ modular system offers a modular system with all the required process stages according to customer specification.

Changeable solder nozzles:

The advanced design of the nozzles allows a quick exchange. If products with a different nozzle size has to be soldered, the insert of the nozzle is simply changed to the appropriate nozzle diameter. All Inertec selective soldering systems can use both flowing and activated style nozzles ensuring there is the most flexibility and soldering capability for your mixed technology PCB’s.

Mini wave soldering module:

The integration of two soldering units in the system offers the possibility to work with two different alloys or with different nozzle sizes. Special nozzles can also be designed to suit your soldering requirements.

Quick solder exchange:

A quick change-over of the solder pot to enable the use of different solders is possible through a special trolley.
ActiveFlow soldering module:
ActiveFlow allows a high energy transfer between the smallest component clearances for PCB up to dimensions of 400 x 400 mm.Through the construction of the system, short cycle times of 30 seconds aren’t a challenge for INERTEC.

Process control & monitoring:

Perfect process control is ensured by options such as a process camera, electronic monitoring of the soldering wave height, position correction by fiducial detection and bending of the PCB by a warpage control sensor.
Inertec are also able to offer a “heated nitrogen” option. We include a heater in the flow of the nitrogen to super heat it. This can then be used as a localised pre-heat for a few seconds to make sure those high thermal components and joints get 100% topside pull through.

Check the Spec

– Versatile system expansions.
– Changeable solder nozzles.
– Mini wave soldering module.
– Quick solder exchange.
– ActiveFlow soldering module.
– Process control & monitoring.

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