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Hoelzer LOW 4233 XL

Semi Automatic and Stress free Depanelling

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The highly dynamic depanelling machine LOW 4233 XL is in particular suited for medium to high product volumes and masters growing demands in the production process. PCB panels made of different materials will be depanelled by means of highly dust- and stress-reduced sawing and routing technology, providing utmost product flexibility, precision and throughput. Highly dynamic linear motor axes, tools and grippers meet highest demands in quality and guarantee a long lifecycle and reliability of the depanelling machine

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– Big work space: 700 x 400 mm.
– Rigid welded steel frame.
– Highly dynamic linear motor axes.
– Quick product changes possible.
– Flexible PCB fixation system.
– Depanels any PCB material.
– Customized special sizes possible.

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