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Heller 1936 MK5

The ultimate high volume production solution

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With belt speeds up to 1.4 m/min to accommodate the fastest pick and place systems.

The 1936 MK5 systems deliver the highest levels of repeatability with the lowest delta Ts.The latest breakthroughs associated with the Mark 5 reflow system now provide you with an even lower cost-of-ownership. Heller’s new heating and cooling advances deliver up to 40% reduction in nitrogen and electrical consumption.This makes the MK 5 system not only the premier reflow soldering system but the best overall value in the industry!

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– The new cool pipe flux system virtually eliminates maintenance.
– Lead free certified.
– Lowest nitrogen and electrical usage.
– Integrated CpK software at no charge.
– Enhanced heater modules.
– Fastest cooling rates.
– One step profiling.
– The innovative software package provides three levels of process control from Oven CpK, to Process CpK and product traceability.
– Energy management software – A Heller exclusive!

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