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Heller 1913 MK5

Highest Yields and Tight Process Control

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Best Value SMT Reflow Oven in the market.
Designed for Low Cost of Ownership.

1913 Mark V Non-LGA
1913 Mark V LGA

The ultimate high volume Surface Mount Technology production solution with belt speeds up to 1.4m/min to accommodate the fastest pick-and-place systems delivering the highest levels of repeatability with the lowest delta Ts.

The most efficient heat transfer from extra high volume, high-velocity, heating modules, producing heater module response of less than one second to temperature changes of less than 0.1ºC, thereby maintaining profile integrity for heavy board loads.

Wide process window for “universal profiling” – allows many different boards to be run on a single temperature profile
Advanced 5 thermocouple PCB profiling and process parameter logging capability with the capacity to store up to 500 temperature recipes and 500 profile graphs

With a high-capacity, 26-inch wide heater module, the 1900 Mark V Series offers unmatched flexibility in board handling. The oven may be fitted with an adjustable single-rail edge hold conveyor/mesh belt combo, to carry even the largest boards or multi-board panels (up to 20 inches wide) through the oven.

Check the Spec

– Lead free certified.
– New flux system virtually eliminates maintenance.
– Enhanced heater modules.
– Ultra parallel conveyor system Fastest cooling rates.
– The innovative software package provides three levels of process control from oven CpK, to process CpK and product traceability.
– The new frame utilizes twice the insulation resulting in heat loss and saves up to 40% on electricity costs.
– Low cost of ownership.
– Best return on investment.

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