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Heller 1826 MK5

The World's Best Convection Reflow Oven

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Get all the details. Discover more about the Heller 1826 MK5

The World’s Best Convection Reflow Oven.

Providing consistent performance for high volume requirements while minimizing preventative maintenance and floorspace.

Lead Free Certified Reflow Oven Maintenance Free !
Lowest Nitrogen & Electrical Usage Integrated CpK software at No Charge!

Advancements like the invention of the first waterless / filterless flux separation system earned Heller the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Award for Innovation in reflow oven soldering. But more importantly, this development extended preventative maintenance intervals from weeks to months for our systems. Additional breakthroughs in energy management have helped Heller’s customers remain environmentally responsible while still maintaining their sustainability guidelines.

Check the Spec

– The new flux system virtually eliminates maintenance.
– Enhanced heating modules.
– Ultra parallel conveyor system.
– Fastest cooling rates.
– One step profiling.
– Waterless cool pipe flux collection system eliminates maintenance.
– Built-In process monitoring and traceability.
– Energy management software – A Heller Exclusive!

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