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Heller 1809 MK5

Best Value SMT Reflow Oven in the market.

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Designed for Low Cost of Ownership.
1809 Mark V 1809 Mark V (with optional 3rd cooling zone)
The 1800 models support high mix / high volume throughput… at speeds up to 32 inches (80 centimeters) per minute, while conserving valuable factory floor space. Rapid response times and precise temperature controls assure process uniformity, regardless of component density or board loading, with identical profile performance in either air or nitrogen. It has the highest yields and a tight process control.

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– Efficient heat transfer.
– Wide process window for universal profiling.
– Advanced 5 thermocouple PCB profiling.
– No maintenance.
– Enhanced heater modules.
– Ultra-parallel conveyor system.
– Fastest cooling rates.
– Lead free.
– Lowest cost of ownership.
– Best return on investment.

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