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Essemtec Cubus - Lean Storage Solution

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Essemtec Cubus
Essemtec Cubus
Essemtec Cubus

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With Cubus, the next generation storage solution, users can reconfigure the internal layout of the system at any time to adapt to individual, up-todate needs. The unique Cubus software, eStorage, allows users to map and recalibrate the new layout in less than 20 minutes.

The small system footprint of the Cubus, makes the system one of the most compact, yet efficient, flexible storage solutions. According to studies over 60% of production line stops comes from logistics issues; the correct material is not in the right place when required. Cubus will reduce this stoppage time by 95%.

The Cubus can be used as total automated SMD storage solution for small to mid-size companies as well as automated material replenishment units for high to super high speed lines. 

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