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Configurable heads with 1, 2 or 4 placement-axes. 2,5D and 3D dispensing and jetting, High resolution digital vision system with auto component teach-in and irregular ball recognition. Full operator support – Automated error analysis & KPI. Training, support and troubleshooting via advanced remote access. Investment protection; all options and heads retrofittable. Multi flexible feeder, multi lane cassette or highly accurate single lane feeder. Tape, Stick, Strip,Tray slider. Largest component spectrum; 01005 up to 80 x 80 mm, height up to 25 mm.

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Combined Process:
– Highspeed placement and dispensing in single pass-through
– 1,2 or 4 placement-axes and 1-2 dispense processes
– Optimum 18’100 cph, up to 54’300 cph inline
– Optimum 145’000 dots/hour (with piezo jet valve)
Small footprint Mineral Cast:
– No vibration, symmetrical mineral casting, no warpage, no thermal drift
Quick Changeover:
– Non-stop production ,intellegent smart feeder
– Non stop feeder and production changeover
Linear Motors:
– Fast reliable double drive linear motors
– No maintenance, longest lifetime

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