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Asscon VP800 Vacuum

State-of-the-art vapor-phase reflow soldering system

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ASSCON vapor-phase reflow soldering systems are state-of-the art. They are the innovative response to modern soldering challenges.The physical principles of the process allow fault-free soldering of the most complex SMT modules in lead-free soldering pastes in virtually any arrangement. ASSCON’s vacuum soldering process combines the advantages of the vapourphase with the vacuum process. Power components require a homogeneous metallic connection with the PCB to transfer the required current. Assemblies soldered in ASSCON’s vacuum process exhibit greatly improved solder joints relative to void formation. Particularly when using lead-free solders the wetting properties decrease and the solder joints exhibit an increased occurrence of voids and entrapments

Check the Spec

– User-friendly reflow soldering system
– Effective vacuum unit
– Adjustable vacuum ensures ideal void-free solder joints
– Automatic fluid identification
– Continuously adjustable temperature gradient
– Oxygen-free preheating and soldering process
– Lead-free soldering pastes can be used without limitation
– Optional fluid filter system including pump

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