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Essemtec AG offer smart and highly flexible SMT Solutions comprising of the Fox and Puma Pick & Place systems that can offer multiple heads and P&P plus dispensing on a single platform. Both the Fox and Puma can be used as stand-alone systems or be configured as inline solutions. sing applications alone, there are the Spider and Tarantula systems with a range of nozzle technologies. Solder Paste and SMT Glue, LED Encapsulation, Silver Epoxy, Dam and Fill, Underfill, Cavity Fill, 3D Dispensing via laser height mapping and more.

All systems utilise mineral cast beds for vibration free production and benefit from no warping caused by thermal drift. Linear motors are used throughout to give you the highest accuracy and no maintenance. Add to this one of the most comprehensive software packages and you have a truly flexible and adaptive system. Last but not least is the Cubus and Cubus Large component towers offering flexible storage of SMD reels of all sizes, trays, boxes and more. They reduce logistic problems by 95% and offer full interface to most production systems and all major ERP and material management.