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Inertec - not just another selective soldering company

Inertec are not just another selective soldering system supplier, they are a total solutions provider.

Alongside the CUBE460 batch system and the CUBE460 in line system Inertec can offer so much more than a standard selective soldering system. Having started manufacturing systems in 1992 they have grown into a selective soldering specialist who build only selective soldering systems and can engineer a system to fit your requirements. 

If you have a special application that needs a full engineering solution Inertec will build it. Examples are:

  • Special Nozzles 
  • Multiple Nozzles
  • Special pallets 
  • Full wave 460mm, or 200mm wave as well as Mini Waves in the same machine -  dual pot systems
  • Handling of heavy and complex products - weight 7 KG,  soldering of two PCB´s inside on two levels, 4 different housings, 6 different PCB combinations, Change over automatically in 5 minutes
  • Heated nitrogen to either lower the solder bath temperature, heat long nozzles or act as a localised pre-heat, 100% hole fill even on high layer count multi-layer PCB's
  • Full turnkey projects with handling, bar code reading, AOI etc. 

Contact us now to see what we can do for you. 

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