We are offering technical support on 07957 542 363 and spare parts and machines can still be ordered via admin@zpel.co.uk.

Anyone wishing to discuss future machine supply can call 07943 829566 or email peter.clarke@zpel.co.uk


Supplying and servicing a wide range of soldering and cleaning equipment

Supplying your company with the worlds most appropriate production equipment for your application.

We offer a dedicated service and always look to provide you with the best quality and after sales support.

Lead Free Soldering

If you have any questions relating to our field of expertise, or regarding lead free soldering, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What We Do

Supplying and servicing a wide range of soldering, cleaning equipment for the electronics manufacturing industry.

Company News

All the latest news in the Solder Production industy and Zen Production Equipment Limited, including our lead free soldering blog.

Best for Production Equipment UK

Zen Production Equipment Limited are very proud to have received the “Best for Production Equipment” award at the Acquisition International (AI) 2015 Business Excellence awards.

About Zen

Our people have been involved in supplying production equipment and Technical support to the Electronics Industry for over 30 years, and as such we have, the technology, the knowledge and the experience to offer the very best solution and technical support for your application within our field of expertise.

We supply a wide range of world renowned brands - Heller Industries reflow soldering machines, Asscon Vapour phase soldering machines, Inertec and EPM Wave soldering machines, PBT Works Stencil and PCB cleaning systems.

Our goal is to ensure that we not only provide the most appropriate technology for your application, but to deliver dedicated customer care. This philosophy continues to enhance our reputation of achieving a very high level of customer satisfaction throughout the UK.

Our Suppliers